My heart beat - പ്രണയകവിതകള്‍

My heart beat 

The cloud is ready to leave
The time is ready to make memories
But your image is still living in my poems
you are the colours of my past story
You are the tears in my present story
You are the one who understood me
But I am the worst thing in your story
I never see you
I never heard you
But I always feel you
Because your my destiny
We are good friends in past
We feel same feelings in present
But you are ready to leave
But I didn't let you alone

Your heart is with me
My breath is your love
It is hard to forget you
Your eyes is the reason to it
Your words is my life
My deed is only you
How I forget you
How I forget the past


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തീയതി:11-09-2016 07:31:44 PM
Added by :Arun Annur
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